A-Team Performance Small Block Ford 65K COIL HEI Complete Distributor 260 289 302 5.0 1-Wire Instillation
Introducing the NEW High Performance line of A-Team Performance HEI Distributors. A-Team Performance components offer a quality design at an affordable price. Features a quick 1 wire instillation. Adjustable vacuum advance canister to improve economy. Our Distributor is comprised of Brass Terminals, multi-polymer protective caps, a CNC Machined and Polished Aluminum shaft, and a chrome moly gear. You cannot afford to buy a Distributor with a cheap gear! Inside, the 4-Pin High Performance module (to ensure accurate and reliable timing to 7500 RPM) and, a 65K Volt coil work together to produce a powerful spark to light the fuel mixture for amazing performance. Our Distributors make switching from the old points to electronic ignition an easy no-brainier! We offer a one-year warranty on this A-Team Performance HEI Distributor. A-Team Performance parts are sold exclusively by Southwest Performance Parts.

Product Features

  • ✓HEAVY DUTY – with high grade hardened steel gears, utilizing the 4-pin ignition
  • ✓OE+ DURABILITY – manufactured by certified OE distributor manufacturer
  • ✓COIL SPARK OF 7,500 RPM – with high voltage of up to 65,000
  • ✓COMPLETE HEI DISTRIBUTOR – One Wire Installation, Blue cap
  • ✓CNC MACHINED – and Polished Aluminum shaft, and a chrome moly gear

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