Make your truck complete with the best full-function tailgate bar around.
Redline plugs in to your current rear lighting setup to add 5x as much running, brake, turn signal, and reverse lighting.

Plus, Redline is built tougher, shines brighter, and stays on longer
The only rear accent lighting without competition

Bein’ Seen Is What’s Important
Redline uses the ALPHA LED, a large triple-core
LED that shines 35% brighter than standard LED.
Guarantee your truck’s seen even in the thickest traffic

Go Ahead, Take It To The Lake
A lot of folks claim to be waterproof, but Redline actually is.

Using a rust-resistant aluminum body and an IP67 waterproof silicone, REDLINE is protected end to end
from any sand, dirt, dust, snow, or water

Can Handle a Minnesota Winter
It’s not always sunny in Minnesota, but that’s OK!
Redline is a built to last even at negative 20 Fahrenheit!

The best part…no drilling required!
Made to be as a simple and strong as possible.
Simply prep, peel, press onto your pickup and this add-on is as good as factory installed

Comes with a tough-as-nails adhesive enhancer that increases
hold strength over 5x. No need to drill, it ain’t goin’ anywhere

Plug ‘N’ Play Ready
Plugs directly into you trailer adapter for a quick install. (Reverse light may require wiring, instructions provided if needed)

Product Features

  • MAKE THEM SEE YOU! The sleek REDLINE tailgate light bar adds style and safety that gives your rig an enhanced look and ensures you’ll never worry about your rig being seen again!
  • FULL FEATURE TRUCK UPGRADE! Syncs with your factory lights to give your rig a more stylish running light, a stunning brake light, a much-more-useful reverse light, and boosted RED turn signals to maximize your light. Never get rear ended again!
  • SUPERIOR LIGHTING! Wake up everyone behind you with REDLINE’s 90 Triple-Core Alpha LEDs, the brightest and most durable ones around. Guarantee your rig is seen even in thickest traffic, day or night.
  • ADVENTURE-PROOF! Ready to handle a Minnesota winter or a dip in the lake. REDLINE is made with a durable rust-resistant aluminum frame and filled with IP67 watertight silicone. Ready to take on rain, snow, or even -20°F weather. Your also covered by REDLINE’s included 2 year warranty and 30,000 hour lifespan.
  • SIMPLE UNIVERSAL INSTALL! Easy “No Drill” mounting system, you can place REDLINE on any truck with at least 60″ tailgate clearance. Once applied, the tough-as nails 45lb-rated 3M automotive adhesive system will not fall off! Then, quickly connect using our OEM standard 4-pin tow connector or hard wire.

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