• It’s recommended that buyers take the proper measurements to ensure that by adding the spacer, their wheel/tire won’t hit the fender or any other part of the vehicle

• These spacers are hubcentric.

• Your vehicle may have different thread pitch wheel studs than what’s supplied with these wheel spacers. This means you would need to purchase different lug nuts for proper installation. Message us for more information prior to purchasing the items.

• Buyer’s need to measure the length of their vehicle’s OEM/Factory wheel studs, to ensure it doesn’t extend past the surface of the spacer

• Installation should only be performed by a trained professional.
• Be sure to torque the lug nuts to manufacturer specifications
• Avoid using an impact wrench; improper usage may cause damage to components
• Check and re-torque all lug nuts after 25-50 miles of driving
• Failure to follow proper procedures may cause your lug nuts to come undone while driving

Product Features

  • 4 Wheel Spacers. Bolt Pattern: 5×5. Hub Bore: 71.5. Spacer Thickness: 38.1mm (1.5 inch). Stud/Nut Thread Pitch: 1/2″-20
  • Perfect for fixing clearance issues if your wheel(s) is hitting your shocks or brake calipers
  • Designed to move the wheels further out from the hub, giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance & allows for better handling characteristics

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