For all Dodge Ram Diesels 2013-2018 with “capless” fuel fill. This trick looking billet aluminum diesel fuel cap and DEF cap accessory will enhance the look and feel of your new truck. More importantly this cap will give you peace of mind that your fuel tank is staying clean by keeping dirt and debris out. The rubber o-ring seals off the fuel filler area and provides a snug fit. The strong magnet on the backside allows you to easily set it aside during fill ups, just stick it to any metal part of the truck. Eliminate any concern about dirt getting into your fuel tank, this is a fast, simple, effective design and looks great too!

Product Features

  • You will receive 1 RAM Diesel Fuel Cap (Easy Grip) & 1 RAM DEF Cap. SAVE 5% on this combo pack!
  • Magnetic Dodge Ram Diesel Fuel Cap KEEPS DIRT & WATER OUT OF YOUR FUEL TANK on all Capless Dodge Ram Diesel Trucks (2013-2018)
  • The DEF cap features a Smooth and EASY TO GRIP handle that will SLIDE and LOCK into place with a smooth-as-butter feel! Machined from AIRCRAFT GRADE Aluminum and Anodized Green & Blue with laser logo to help ensure no fueling mix-ups
  • A Strong, RARE EARTH MAGNET holds the Ram Diesel cap to any metal surface on the truck during fill-ups.
  • This Combo Set is COMPATIBLE with Dodge Ram EVAP EMISSION SYSTEMS. O-rings are Diesel Compatible (Green Diesel Fuel cap comes with 2 sizes of O-Rings for your preferred fit)

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