A Heavy-Duty Shackle Hitch Receiver To Get You Out Of The Ditch Every Single Time!

Our shackle hitch boasts a 5 ton capacity (10 tons max!) – that’s over DOUBLE the weight of a standard sized pickup truck which comes in at about 2 tons on average.

This means that you should have zero issues getting your tow strap hooked up & secured, and getting pulled out of whatever predicament you’re in.

New & Improved Receiver Design That Is…

BIGGER – This durable multi-mount receiver has a larger shaft design that provides a more stable anchor point and minimizes any bouncing or slop that you get with other receiver hitch products. No more clanging or rattles when you’re driving over rough terrain!

STRONGER – This product is rated up to a whopping 11.000 lbs! That’s over 5 and a half tons of pulling capacity that will never let you down!

MORE VERSATILE – The multi-mount feature allows you to use the D-ring shackle as both a horizontal or vertical mount point which gives you more anchor point options. Ideal for winching, ridging and recovery!

With This Package You’ll Get:

• 1 x Shackle Hitch Receiver
• 1 x 3/4” Shackle
• 1 x 5/8 Security Locking Pin

Grab Your Own Shackle Hitch Receiver Today For A Bargain, And Have The Confidence To Get Way Out There On Your Next Adventure!

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Product Features

  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN – Just imagine your load being released while driving and dangering yourself and others. Now stop! This shackle hitch receiver is made of high quality drop forged steel and it features a black powder coated finish to provide superior safety and corrosion resistance. Ideal for any type of winching, ridging and vehicle recovery emergency
  • MULTI-MOUNT OPTIONS – The dual hitch pin hole design of the receiver allows the D-ring to swing horizontally or vertically to provide extensive recovery anchor point options
  • HEAVY LOAD TOW CAPACITY – With a 5 ton working load limit and a 10 ton max capacity, this towing accessory is suitable for all towing applications from professional to off-road enthusiasts and it will not let you down in your hour of need.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN – The compact yet extra strong construction of this shackle hitch receiver allows you to keep it always in your truck, jeep or SUV just in case you get stuck in snow or mud. This metal 3/ 4″ shackle works wonders with vehicle recovery, towing, stump removal and so much more.
  • USE IT FOR LIFE – From the moment you pick this D-ring mount receiver up you’ll know it’s a solid piece of equipment guaranteed to serve you will in any kind of towing emergency. However, if you are displeased in any way, reach out to us and we will make it right.

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