1954 1955 FORD TRUCK & PICKUP REPAIR SHOP & SERVICE MANUAL INCLUDES: F-100, F-250 & F-350, F-500, F-600, F-700, F-750, F-800, F-900, P-350, P-500, B-500, B-600, B-700, B-750, C-500, C-600, C-750, C-800 and T-700 & T-800

This brand new Ford Truck Service Manual covers 1954 and 1955 Ford Trucks including: F-100, F-250 & F-350 Pick Ups, plus Heavy Duty Trucks: F-500, F-600, F-700, F-750, F-800, F-900, P-350, P-500, B-500, B-600, B-700, B-750, C-500, C-600, C-750, C-800 and T-700 & T-800 trucks.

Measuring approximately 8-¼ by 10-¾ inches, this soft bound manual has 416 pages of specifications, wiring diagrams, illustrations, photographs and guided instructions. It has five main sections including Power Plant; Chassis; Electrical and Accessories; Bodies and Maintenance & Specifications. In the Power Plant section you will learn about General Engine Repair; 6 Cylinder Engines (223, 239 & 256 Cubic Inches); 8 Cylinder Engines (279 & 317 Cubic Inches) and Ignition, Fuel & Cooling Systems.

The Chassis section covers Clutch, Transmissions & Gear Shift Linkage; Overdrive; Power Steering; Running Gear; Brakes; Rear Axles & Drivelines; and Tandem Rear Axles. The Electrical and Accessories section covers Generating System & Battery; Starting System; Lighting System, Horns & Instruments; and Accessories. The Bodies and Cabs section covers Body Construction & Maintenance; Interior Trim, Hardware and Glass; and Front End Sheet Metal & Running Boards. There is an extensive list of specifications & maintenance procedures in the Maintenance and Specifications section.

This Shop Manual was reprinted under licensed agreement with Ford, so you can be confident it is an accurate reproduction of the same manual that a Ford dealer mechanic would have used to service your Ford truck when it was new. You will find this book very useful when restoring or maintaining your classic machine.

Product Features

  • FORD 1954-1955 F100, F250 & F350 Pick Up & Heavy Duty Truck Shop Manual
  • “1954-55 Ford Truck Shop Manual” This quality reprint contains complete service information for all 1954 and 1955 Ford Trucks. It is a reproduction of the manual printed by Ford for use by mechanics at the dealer. You will find step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting, cleaning and inspecting, repairing, and replacing parts, assemblies, and systems on the truck. The book covers the 6-cylinder 223ci, 8-cylinder 239ci, 256ci, 279ci, and 317ci engines; as well as ignition, fuel, cooling, clutch, transmission, gearshift linkage, overdrive, power steering, running gear, brakes, rear axles, drivelines, tandem rear axles, electrical, accessories, bodies & cabs, and much, much more. Complete specifications and maintenance instructions follow all the procedural sections for easy referencing. All instructions are accompanied by pictures, wiring diagrams, and exploded view illustrations. Covers all all 1954-1955 Ford trucks, including pickup, F-Series, P-Series, B-Series, C-Series, and T-Series. 416 pages, NEW condition. Buy now to own the best manual for your pickup.

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