Our premium, heavy-duty Truck and Trailer Air Brake Hoses are used to power air brake lines from the tractor to the trailer. Available for standard use, our brake hoses (-40°F) stand up to constant vibration and most adverse weather conditions. As required, these hoses are replaced once a year to comply with DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements or whenever replacement is needed. Our Century® Air Brake Hoses meet SAE J844 and DOT_FMVSS – (49 CFR 571.106) Specifications

Product Features

  • Each Set Contains Color Coded Hose Assemblies: A Blue Service Line and a Red Emergency Line
  • The Service Line (Blue Hose) carries air that is controlled by engaging the foot brake or trailer hand brake.
  • The Emergency Line (Red Hose) supplies air to the trailer air tanks and to the emergency brakes in the event of loss of air in the system.
  • Our Hose Retains Coil Memory and Flexibility at Temperatures Down to -40°F (-40°C).
  • 12″ Galvanized Steel Spring Strain Reliefs prevent excess bending at connection ends

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