Your current cylinder must be style A for this kit to work. If the fins on your cylinder look different than the one in the picture then the kit may not work. May require the case to be milled. Please NOTE: If you open the gaskets, if you install the rings, if the kit is installed in anyway you CANNOT return it. Please be sure of what you’re buying. Any returned kits will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.

Product Features

  • Comes with cylinder, 61mm piston, clips, piston pin, head gasket and base gasket, head and A9 Camshaft.
  • Economy shipping is included in the cost. Any kits returned will be refunded less the original shipping cost
  • Non Emissions Head comes with performance springs, retainers and keepers intake valve is 27mm, exhaust is 23mm.
  • The bottom (pilot) of the cylinder has a 65 mm OD.

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