Size(approx.): 50mm

Product Description:
A Unique, Useful And Impressive Gadget For Your Car’s Interior
An interior car light is of course a necessity. Why settle for mere utility? Give a unique touch to your car or any vehicle with our remote controlled, multicolored led light.

Total Light Control
Our led light gadget gives you complete control over its intensity, brightness and color. Use the remote control for a variety of fun functions. It’s simple, easy and fun! Your kids will love it.

Bright Car Interior
Never miss anything you drop in your vehicle. Whether you are driving at night, or you are parked in a dark space, our strong led light will help you locate the smallest coin on your car’s floor.

Please flip the bulb horizontally if it does not light up to match the + and – polarity.
These light bulbs are slightly wider than original stock bulbs, please make sure your car’s housing having enough room to fit them in.
Please refer to Product Features for size reference
Some newer models of European cars or cars with Canbus system may need to purchase the Canbus Error Free bulbs to bypass the on dash error message. Please research before making purchase
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Product Features

  • • ORIGINAL CAR GADGET: Give your vehicle one more reason to stand out from the rest. Our original interior led light is a gadget that is unique on the market. We use the powerful SMD 5050W for three core led bead.Most car interior lights illuminate in one color, and few of them provide you with remote control! ONLY support DC 12V Vehicles.
  • • EASY CONTROL:Use the remote control to easily manipulate your car’s led light. There are so many functions you can use. Turn it on or off, adjust the brightness, make the light fade, or make it smoother for sensitive eyes. Last, but not least, select from a variety of light colors.
  • • COLORFUL CHOICES:Our unique led light can illuminate your car in various color shades. Select the one that is more convenient, more bright, better for your eyes or the most romantic one.
  • • BRIGHT LEDS:Our product features the latest technology in led lights, and we use a full set of 6 to bring you all the colored shades you could need. Find everything you need in your car’s interior at night or in a dark space, and impress your passengers with this unique gadget.
  • • NOTIFICATION: All LED bulbs have to be plugged in a certain way,it has Positive and negative, so if they don’t work at first, quickly take them out, turn them around 180 degree, and put them back in again. Try to pull the pins on the base outwards and sideward a little in case the bulb is slightly loose in socket.

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