Voltage: DC 12V;
Lumen: 624LM;
Watt: 2.4W;
Width: 27mm;
Total Height: 38mm;
Weight: 0.15oz;
LED Type: Latest 2835 chips SMD;
Color: Soft White;
Color temperature: 4000-4500K.

This is Standard T10 194 921 168 adapter, Using for cabinet light, RV lighting, boat and landscaping lights, etc.

2018 New Arrived

Much safer, Brighter, lower power consumption

300% Brighter than Normal SMD/LED

This listing features 10 pieces of Brand New, super bright T10/194 24-SMD LED Lights. Each LED bulb contains 24 Latest Beautiful High Power 2835 SMD chips, which are much brighter than the stock OEM traditional lamps. and the same type of LED bulbs sold by other sellers.

Our LED Advantages:

– Energy Saving, Environmental-friendly.
– Low heat generation ensures a longer bulb life, Up to 50K+ Hours Life Time.
– Easy installation, Direct plug in and play.
– Immediate response, 1000 times faster than Traditional lights.
– Bulbs are shock and vibration proof.
– Functional and durable LED bulb, you will love it.

Product Features

  • ✅ Recommended Reason:624 Lumens output and 2.4W only,Strong light intensity and low current output,Provide enough brightness and save a lot of energy for your car.
  • ✅ Fits Base: T10 921 194 168 etc.,Easy installation, plug and play.The model is as the same as original light, no need to change car wire route,just relace it directly.
  • ✅ Home Spotlight (no shadow) Used in nearly any application, including under Cabinet, Car, Truck, RV, Trailer, Camper, Motorcycle, Boat, and landscaping lights, and so on. Application: Interior Light, Dome light, Map light, Door light, Cargo/Trunk light, Glove Box light, License Plate light etc.,Energy saving, environmental protection, Stable performance, through strict test.
  • ✅ Color:4000-4500K Soft White. Size: 1.45″ long and 1.07″ in diameter
  • ✅ (pack of 10) 24-pieces Latest high power 2835 chipsets per bulb

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