10 Portable E-track rope tie-off perfect for securing cargo

Made out of durable polyester material and steel parts
Compatible with the E-track and A-track tie-down systems
These rope tieoffs make great anchors for tiedown straps like ratcheting and cam straps, ropes, bungee cords, motorcycle straps, boat tie-down cables, etc
Just press the lever on the spring fitting and insert into a slot on any Etrack rail or single (available from DC Cargo Mall on Amazon)
– Small enough and strong enough for use on pickups, boats, campers, trailers, trucks, vans, and other tight spots where you need a reliable tie down – clip in and clip out as needed
Assembly break strength of 3,000 pounds and a safe working load limit of 1,000 pounds

Product Features

  • Mounting plate NOT included. IF YOU’RE hauling landscaping equipment from job to job, coolers for your camping trip, or deliveries cross-country, you probably use the E track cargo tie down system in your pickup, box truck, utility trailer, flatbed, boat or other vehicle, and these E-Track Rope Tieoffs are the Handiest and Most Reliable Accessories you need! At DC Cargo Mall, we stand behind all of our high-standard products with a Confident 100% Payment-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • 10 Pack: these Top Quality E-Track Rope Tie-Offs have an assembly break strength of 3,000 pounds and a Safe Working Load Limit of 1,000 Pounds; these tie offs are made out of durable polyester webbing (strap material) that is water- and UV ray- resistant, won’t stretch or shrink even when wet, and is protected from mold and mildew growth; the Etrack spring fitting and the D ring are both made out of SOLID STEEL
  • NO INSTALLATION NEEDED! To use these rope tie-offs, just Press The Lever On The Spring Fitting End Attachments And Insert The Fittings Into Slots On Any E Track Rail or single (Etracks are not included); use the D rings at the ends as anchors for all cargo tie-down ratchet and cam buckle straps, ropes, chains, bungee cords, and hooks, securing cargo loads, motorcycles, suitcases, delivery boxes, appliances, vehicles, tools, heavy machinery, and other freight
  • The small size of these rope tieoffs makes them Perfect for Installing in Tight Spots like Warehouse Corners and Pickup Beds but they are strong enough to Be Used Reliably for Securing the roughest loads throughout the bumpiest dirt road rides
  • These rope tie-off cargo tie down anchors let you Create Custom Tie-Downs and adapt S hook and grab hook straps like bungee cords, tarp straps, and motorcycle tiedowns for the E or A Track Trailer Tie-Down System in your cargo van, box truck, SUV, workshop, garage, or on your boat, flatbed and utility trailer, pickup truck bed and tailgate, etc.

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